Well, I guess this old goat didn’t get enough social media training because my once a week blog did not come about. Sorry, I just did not think of anything that I thought would be interesting, but something did come up just before Christmas. It was something that I didn’t expect to come up until the group home was finished and I hope NEVER comes up again. I am still extremely bothered by it. I received an email from someone that was trying to find a home for a 20 yr. old with autism, he didn’t drive, could not find a job and needed a place to live and work and couldn’t cope well in a city life. This is type of autistic individual that Swallowtail Summit Farms was started for and this could have been my daughter and I had to say no because we are just getting started with very, very little funding to build our first home. I was able to give the name and contact info for a group home that is up and running but it has a long waiting list as do other working farm group homes. Put yourself in the 20 yr. old’s shoes, how would you feel and what do you think you could due to help yourself. I pray that no other person has to feel what he must feel and I hope we will be able to build the farm soon. We have 38 acres sitting vacant waiting to be finished and when finished could give peace of mind to the parents of autistic children. And it would give a future to so many that need a loving place to live and work; a place that gives a purpose for life and a community to belong to.

Sorry, that this isn’t more up lifting but like I said earlier it still bothers me. With the extreme increase in the number of children with autism, we all need to do something now.