The best day of my long life

This post will surprise many who follow this website but it has been the best day of my life and I had to tell the world. My daughter and I were invited to put on a display at our local health food market which could highlight our startup group home and future farm. We needed the exposure and were looking for some support. The group home is just as important to my daughter as it is to me. In fact, my daughter has been making necklaces and ear rings to sell so she can give all the proceeds to the group home’s building fund. This was enough for me to be proud of her but that was not what made this MY BEST day.

All my adult life, I have wished that I could see through a new born child’s eyes and experience their thoughts after they see something for the first time. We as adults view new things based on our past experiences. Today, I got to see just that through my daughters 30 yr old dark brown eyes.
I know parents that have a disabled child will understand but for those parents that don’t; I hope I can let you see through my eyes. Today, I saw my daughter’s eyes sparkle and have hope. She over came her uneasiness with talking with people and explained the importance of the group home to her and for the others that would live there. She sold her necklaces and ear rings explaining how they were made and even giving those who helped her their credit. She loved every minute of today and she was able to raise $60 for the building fund. SHE did it, Her eyes had new life and I have never been more proud of her. She is amazing and she has taught me so much more than anyone about life and the importance of the most simple things that we do everyday.

I have been fearful of how she would handle life after her parents die but watching her eyes today I feel she will be fine. That is a wonderful thing for the parent of a special needs child to know. Having a special needs child is an extreme emotional roller coaster ride for their parents and today was the highest peak so far for me and I hope that the high peaks continue. But even if they don’t, I know that my daughter is AMAZING and has done more good in life than I have ever done. Special needs kids work so hard to accomplish even the smallest of things and they deserve to be told so.

The group homes’ building progress is going very slow due to funding but looking through my daughters eyes today gave me new hope and drive and I know that it will be built. It NEEDS to be built. All these kids need to have that sparkle but back and keep in their eyes.

Lorie is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!