intro to Dr Flechas article: Autism and Oxytocin

Flechas Iodine and… .pdf

While at one of my acupuncture visits my, provider suggested that I read an article written by Dr Flechas. He has a practice in Hendersonville, NC. After reading it, I thought others might benefit from it. So I’ll include the link, hope it helps.
The group home is progressing slowly. We are still clearing the land and hoping to get other individuals interested in helping. If anyone would like to help, please contact us.

Please forgive me but I tried to connect to this link after I published this post and it didn’t work. I copied and pasted it into my post. If anyone knows what I did wrong, please leave a comment. This website is on a wordpress platform.

Flechas Iodine and Pregnancy, Thryroid
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