Photo Display Of The Work Being Done

Hope these photos give a glimpse of what is going on at the farm.

Don’t now what happened to the pictures that were displayed in this post but since upgrading to windows 10 they disappeared. Now, I can not post any pictures in my media files or post. Have tried different things to repair the problem but without success. This computer will be taken in to an expert real soon. Please bear with me and when fixed, I will repost the pictures along with new ones.


I don’t know if anyone would call this a post but I guess that I just need to clear my head. It has been raining almost everyday of this week, in fact I just returned from a walk in the rain. The rain was light and misty and it gets extremely dark here in the mountains this late at night but the sounds of the water rushing over the small waterfalls and the sounds of the night creatures help me refocus and think about things that bother me. You see, being raised in Washington DC then coming here to the NC mountains has changed me into a true nature loving country boy. And my daughter just loves the peace, the beauty, and the calmness that this area offers anyone who learns to embrace all that nature has to offer. This time of year is the start of my daughter’s least favorate season of the year which is winter. Winter does away with her best activate which is hunting for butterfly eggs or caterpillars to raise and release, she is natures helper and I am hers. We get some strange looks from people when they see us looking all over different tree leaves in the Pisgah Forest, Dupont State park and even on the roadside but it is the time we both love. In fact, that is what we did today while it wasn’t raining and today I actual found the caterpillar. To beat her at finding one is a rarity, she has the eye sight of a eagle and knows on what tree and where to look. To help her cope with winter, I try to get her to accept all the changes of the seasons as a life cycle that nature uses to refresh and renew itself. And winter is like all of us needing to sleep enabling our body to help heal and grow; spring is like us just waking up in the morning with renewed energy to start the day; and finally fall being like early evening when our body starts to unwind and slow down. All living things and nature need to go through this type of cycle to cope and go on. If anyone would have told me that I would view life in this way when I was younger,I would told them off. But my daughter and others like her have taught me what is important in life and that is to see the beauty in the most simple things and to love the ones around you. It is not what you have or want you want to have but what good you can do for others.

My daughter keeps asking me what happens to her after her parents die, and I keep telling her that the group home will be built. I just hope that it will be. I have always tried to live up to my promises and somehow I will live up to this one. Thanks for letting me clear my head. Wherever you are when you read this, please take some time to cherish the simple things around you and to let the ones closest to you know that you care and love them, for that is what matters the MOST.