How to get on our waiting list and Helpful Websites

I have been receiving a number of questions on a variety of subjects but there have been a few that seem to be repeating. So I will try to answer a few of them.

The first one:

How do I get my child’s name on Swallowtail Summit’s waiting list?

We have a very simple method just email us your contact information.
Please include the child’s name, your address and phone number. But remember to always update this information whenever it changes. Please get on the waiting list as soon as possible. The way our list works is: when a vacancy exist, we will notify the first one on the list. If that person is not ready at that time, we will go to the next one but the first person remains in the same spot.

The second one:

Are there any other websites that would help with questions about raising a child with autism?

I am by far no authority on how to raise an autistic child, my daughter will be 31 shortly. We sought out help where ever we could find it. Now there seems to be more information available. Please look up this website ( they are a great source of info covering many subjects. I strongly suggest looking over the following topics.
1. The 10 Must-have documents for parents
of children with special needs.
2. 15 Indispensable Websites for Parents of Children with
3. Two Congressional Bills That Can Help With Special Needs

I will try to cover more topics in other postings but I do hope this helps. Remember, you as parents, are your child’s first and best advocates. Please do not delay in placing your child’s name on some groups waiting list because most list are long and vacancies are few. When contacting a group home, ask them how their list works because not all work the same.

Please support SwallowTail Summit Farms in spreading what we are trying to do and also through donations no matter how small. Our existence depends on you.

Thank you







The right questions?

I have been receiving a lot of inquires asking for information. ┬áThe problem is that the individuals do not ask a specific question. I am not sure if they are asking about the group home and farm or about autism. Please help me out because I do not what to mislead anyone. If I can not find an answer to anyone’s question, I will try to find someone who can. If anyone wants to talk directly with me, please call me at 828-551-5808. The phone service at my home is extremely poor; it rings in some of the time but not always. It will take messages 99% of the time and I will return your call. Sharing the progress of the group home and helping others navigate the rollercoaster ride of raising a child with autism is what I am here for.

For those who think they will need a group home for their child at a latter date even if it will be years down the line, please place their name on some group home’s waiting list. Most group homes have a very large waiting list. Protect your child’s future NOW.