The right questions?

I have been receiving a lot of inquires asking for information.  The problem is that the individuals do not ask a specific question. I am not sure if they are asking about the group home and farm or about autism. Please help me out because I do not what to mislead anyone. If I can not find an answer to anyone’s question, I will try to find someone who can. If anyone wants to talk directly with me, please call me at 828-551-5808. The phone service at my home is extremely poor; it rings in some of the time but not always. It will take messages 99% of the time and I will return your call. Sharing the progress of the group home and helping others navigate the rollercoaster ride of raising a child with autism is what I am here for.

For those who think they will need a group home for their child at a latter date even if it will be years down the line, please place their name on some group home’s waiting list. Most group homes have a very large waiting list. Protect your child’s future NOW.