Things to know about treating autism with acupuncture

It seems that I am always apologizing for not keeping up with postings and not posting pictures of the progress that has been happening. I have gotten help from windows and other sources but it still is not repaired right. If anyone knows why I can not get pictures into my post please let me know. It started when I updated to windows 10 and it gives a http error every time
Enough of that. The progress is going slow due to funds but I am very glad to say the property will be paid off in three more months. I have had four families come out to view the farm and one family is due in from Connecticut on April 18. A new driveway is almost cut in and the stone will be added as soon as I save up the money. I am going to try to place the photos into our facebook page but I need to learn how. It is terrible to be such an old goat.
My acupuncturist sent me a couple of links to youtube videos on treating autism with acupuncture. My daughter had one treatment which she said helped her calm down but she didn’t want to go back. She said that she didn’t feel the needles, so that surprised me. I’ll try to import the connects but if I can not I type them below. eJSakRdk

Hope they work.