Just me venting

I guess it’s time to write again especially after everything that is happening in this country and every where else. What has happened that has caused some people to miss out on what is important in life? Color,nationality,religion or status should not be how we view each other. We all are individuals and as such contribute something that is real and worth something, we NEED EACH OTHER.
When we watch small children play,there is no hatred and no prejudice just friendship and caring. What happens between childhood and adulthood? I have watched children and admired their simplicity and their willingness to accept each other without reservations. They could teach each and everyone of us how to live a simple and rewarding life that would benefit everyone. I hate hearing that a certain race’s life matters because EVERY life should matter to everyone. We need to revert back to our childhood and carry that respect and love for each other into our adult life. My life has been enriched by many people from all walks of life and disabilities and I cherish everything they shared with me. PLEASE look into the other person’s eyes and see them as a reflection of yourself and treat them as you would want to be treated.
My daughter went with me to one of my VA doctor appointments and as we were getting off the freeway their was a pregnant young women with a sign asking for money. She told me that we should help her but I felt that I should explain that some people do this as a living and that this women might be taking advantage of her. Her response was that she didn’t care because she didn’t want to think that she could be helping someone and didn’t, just because the women might be a fraud. She felt good giving every dollar she had and she made me proud of her because of how she felt.
People, we all can change and become a better person just by becoming child like again. A person’s worth is not how much you acquire in life or how far up the social latter you get. It’s that small piece of yourself that you leave behind in this world that is important, just make sure that small piece is worth leaving behind.