Another late posting/ and we are still operating

I hadn’t realized that it has been so long since I posted anything about the progress of the farm until I received a comment from Sherry.
For all that thought we gave up on the farm, we haven’t and never will. The farm will have close to two miles of roads and that is what I have been working on. Our local rock quarry (Vulcan) has been kind enough to donate the first 100 tons and has greatly discounted the other 1100 tons which we need to purchase by the end of December. They do not have delivery trucks so we are trying to arrange delivery but at $4.50 a ton for delivery and money being so tight. Things have slowed down. I tried to start a “GoFundMe” but with my great lack of computer skills I had no luck. A visitor took pity on this old man and helped me with it. As usual, I didn’t fully understand how “GoFundMe” works. In my mind, it was out there for everyone to see but he said it would be seen by my contacts only. With only four contacts, you can imagine the success we are having. I will post a couple of photos and write another post in a few days. But if you could let all of your contacts know about our “GoFundMe” project please do. We need HELP and soon.
Thank you for believing in my dreams and the future that Swallowtail Summit Farms can provide for so many autistic individuals. Remember, with your help all things CAN happen.
main driveway

main driveway