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I would like to help spread the word about Sensory Overload that many on the Autism Spectrum struggle with daily. I was reminded about this disorder in an e-mail sent to me from Caring4OurKids. Please check them out on the web.

I know that I have told this story before but here it goes again, it will give a small glimpse into what some of our kids go through. Well over twenty years ago, I attended a talk that covered the topic of Sensory Overload. But it wasn’t the talked that made me understand this problem because I learn through doing. The women giving the talk must have known this, because she let everyone in the audience experience the overload. Her talk was given with a radio blaring, a strobe light shining in our eyes and other distracting things going on. She then talked in a low voice and after her talked, we had to attempted to write down what we heard her say. Not to many were able to remember her talk, and all of us were confused and drained. Her next comment explained everything, she said that is what our children experience all day and everyday. Sensory Overload is not only sound but also smell, large crowds anything that your child can not handle.

On a few occasions, while shopping with my daughter, we have run into a teenage boy that has to wear sound surpressing
ear phones just to be able to coup.

Please visit our resource page, it will list a number of sites that could help you with this disorder. I would like to thank Linda from Caring4OurKids for all the information. PARENTS PLEASE TAKE NOTE ABOUT ESTATE PLANNING–DO NOT WAIT– DO IT NOW– PLEASE PROTECT YOUR KIDS


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