Fund Raiser and Road Update

I was hoping that the fund raiser would be a success but unfortunately it was not. Between the rain and the very low turnout, only $310 was raised which did not even cover the expenses. We will have to try something else.

After a long wait, our turn for rock delivery finally came. Construction here is going crazy and we are being used as a filler job for the trucking company which gives us a very discounted delivery charge. They have been very good to us. In one day, we were able to have 162 tons of rock delivered. That brings our rock total to 617 tons or half of the total needed for our roads. I know this must sound a little strange but it looks real good that is if rock can look good. Clearing land and improving the entrances to the future homes and other structures is still going on. The fall colors have given the property a glowing appearance.

Even with the progress, it is going too slow for me. I was hoping to have at least two homes up and running. Calls and emails continue to come in from parents and some therapist hoping to find a placement for someone.
We have had three families come out and view the property recently, one of which needed a placement soon. Unfortunately I had to tell them that it will be awhile before the homes would be built do to funding. Hope that changes soon. A call to action would be needed.