Winter Walks 2017/2018

Christmas is now past us and the New Year is now begun. This winter has had a severe beginning. It has been the first time that I have seen some of our local waterfalls freeze almost over.
My daughter and I enjoy taking walks on different trails in both Dupont State Park and Pisgah National Forest,both of which are close to us. It gives us time to talk and stay close and I love every moment of it. She is such a special person and she has an uncanny ability to make me see the beauty and simplicity in all things. That is a trait that we all seem to lose with age and one that should never be lost. What a better world it would be if all mankind retained this SPECIAL gift.
The first few pictures in this post are from a walk taken to the Shoals in Dupont just after the snow had melted from our first snowfall. The last few are from the walk to Lookout Falls in Pisgah Forest. I hope you like them.
Both these parks are within a few miles of the future group home and farm. The progress is continuing at a slow pace due to both the weather
and our finances. To date, 1105 tons of driveway rock has been hauled in and spread on the roads and a new approach to the top lookout has been started. Hopefully, with some help, progress will continue.
For those who live near Hendersonville N.C, a new chapter of the Autism Society will hold its first meeting on Jan 30,2018 at the Hendersonville Presbyterian Church, 699 N.Grove St. Hope to see you all there.
Continue to hug your child and let them know how much they mean to you.