Our Board


Board of Directors:  Swallowtail Summit Farms

George Bean, President & Founder

Michael Rush, Vice President

Susan Bean, Treasurer

Susan Bean, Recording Secretary


Advisory Board:  Swallowtail Summit Farms

Gary C. Heisey BRCC SBC Small Business Center


George Bean, President & Founder

Being the father of a daughter with autism and trying to provide a future that would enable her to feel safe and have a productive life, George purchased a thirty-acre parcel of land in Western North Carolina. The land is to be used as a working farm and group home for adults with autism. The home will be staffed by well-trained workers who are familiar with the special needs of the residents. They will provide support in teaching new occupational and living skills and encouraging the residents to reach their fullest potential.

Born in New York City, George moved to Washington, D.C. as a child when his father took a job as a Washington police officer. George attended his freshman year at the University of Maryland. He then spent six years in the Air Force while continuing to take business management courses through the University of Maryland – Far East and European Divisions. Upon leaving the Air Force, he received training in refrigeration, air conditioning, and appliance repair and worked for a private company before starting his own business. He was hired by the U.S. Postal Service and retired after thirty years.


Michael Rush, Vice President

Mike is a native of Rockingham, North Carolina. He attended Wingate University for two years and graduated from Pembroke University with a degree in business. He spent four years as a social worker. and then was hired by Southern Bell, where he remained with the company through several telephone carrier name changes and recently retired from AT&T. Mike enjoys building homes having acquired a building contractor license about 25 years ago.

Mike and his wife, Barbara, have one daughter diagnosed with autism. They have learned much about autism from therapies, classes, and conventions offered by TEACCH and the Autism Society. In addition, Mike has served on the board of the Autism Society of North Carolina – Asheville, and Barbara has been employed as a job coach with this organization for many years.


Susan Bean, Treasurer and Recording Secretary

Susan grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C., and attended the  University of Alabama, then married, and subsequently traveled to Germany with her husband who served in the Air Force. They lived in Europe for three years and took advantage of the traveling opportunities to experience the cultures of the various countries.

After returning to the U.S., they became foster parents and eventually adopted the child. This baby girl, placed with them at two months of age, led them on a journey of pursuing therapies for autism. Through the years, they have used occupational and speech therapy, play and socialization groups, auditory training, vitamin B therapy, eye therapy, vegetarian and gluten-free diets, social stories workshops, parent-support groups and training, equestrian therapy, TEACCH counseling, and autism convention presentations and workshops.

Now living in North Carolina with her daughter, the need for adult autism homes has become a major concern for Susan. Aging parents, unavailable siblings or family members, lack of productive and therapeutic homes and staff contribute to the unsatisfying future care of the dependent autistic adult population. Susan’s hope is to see a quality facility for these individuals in North Carolina’s Transylvania County.





  • E. Shannon watson

    I just wanted to say i love what you are doing. I have a friend doing something similar, look up Juniper Hill Farm in Landenburg PA. My one comment would be that you don’t seem to have any Autistic people on your board. You need their voice to guide you. I realize that your daughter has Autism but she is not even listed as an advisory board member.

    • tailsSwallow2014


      Thank you for your interest in Swallowtail Summit Farms and I am very glad that your friend is also doing something also. The need for other group homes is extremely great and I will look up Juniper Hill Farm. My daughter has had a great input on what has been happening so far but she does not want to be on the board. I have also gone to some support groups to get other autistic people’s input because they are the ones that will live and work there. It will be their home not mine and I would like to have others to voice their views as well. If you live near or visit the area and would like to visit the property please call me at 828-551-5808 to setup a time. We are located in the Penrose area about 30 mi from Asheville NC.


      George Bean

  • Your daughter statement sounded so much like our daughters. Your fears sound so much like yours Good luck. I know you will accomplish this wonderful project.

    • tailsSwallow2014


      Thank you for your comment. I will accomplish this project, it too important not to and I think all parents like us and their children feel the same. Thanks again.


  • Hello!
    What a beautiful vision you have! As an autism consultant in NW Florida who works with middle, high school, and adults, this is definitely a huge area of need. Often I find my adult clients feeling lost or frustrated (or both) about not having a place or village of their own. It drives me to try to find opportunities for them and often I am met with my own frustrations of not finding the right solutions. It is so encouraging to read about Swallowtail Summit Farms.
    I had the pleasure of growing up on a small family farm in MA and have experienced the calming wonder of working with animals. During my undergraduate years, I worked at a residential school for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral difficulties. Each spring, we would bring some of the residents to our farm to see the newborn lambs or to collect eggs from the chicken coop. More than once, we saw a child who had great difficulty communicating his/her needs fully open up and nurture and care for the animals. It’s an awe-inspiring experience.
    I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures and successes. Please keep us updated!

    • Chrissy

      Thanks for writing and for your choice of vocations. I grew up in a large city and always enjoyed visiting the country; it wasn’t until moving to Western North Carolina’s mountain farm area did I finally feel at home. Both my daughter and I spend most of our time exploring nature’s beauty, soon I hope to include some pictures from the top of the property and also some of the surrounding parks.


  • This is fantastic, I would love to talk with you sometime. There is such a need for safe environments and options for adults who are disabled but high functioning

    • Teresa

      Thanks for writing and I would love to talk with you also. The is a great need for more safe environments and options and I do know of two other start ups here in North Carolina. Please feel free to call me any time. My cell number is 828-551-5808, but I will warn you that our phone service here in the mountains is lousy. Sometimes it rings and other times it won’t but for some reason it will take a message. Feel free to leave one and if you leave a contact number I will return your call.

      Swallowtail Summit Farms

  • boom beach

    The website is my first attempt and I really do not know what I am doing. My computer is more of a paper weight for me, but to get this project going, I’ve been trying to learn. The blogs are either what I feel or information that I hope will help other parents with autistic children. Thanks for your comment.

    Swallowtail Summit Farms

  • tailsSwallow2014


    thank you for your comments and please do spread the word about what we are doing. I am hoping to provide more info but right now I am trying to get help with fund raising. I am also continuing to improve the property and today I had the third visit from a black snake. They seem to like living in the skid steer and it is still a shock to be driving down a steep hill with a full load of dirt and then having a snake about five inches from your face. It took about fifteen minutes to relocate it this time and I hope it likes the new home better then the skid steer.

    George Bean
    Swallowtail Summit

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  • Another service? bioavailability of felodipine extended-release tablets with different dissolution properties Mr. Lee R. Raymond is Lead Independent Director of JP Morgan Chase & Co. Mr. Raymond was Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of ExxonMobil from 1999 until he retired in December 2005. ExxonMobil’s principal business is energy, involving exploration for and production of crude oil and natural gas, manufacture of petroleum and petrochemical products, and transportation and sale of crude oil, natural gas, petroleum and petrochemical products. He had been Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Exxon Corporation from 1993 until its merger with Mobil Oil Corporation in 1999, having begun his career in 1963 with Exxon. He was a director of Exxon Mobil Corporation (1984–2005). Mr. Raymond graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1960 and received a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Chemical Engineering in 1963. He is a director of the Business Council for International Understanding, a Trustee of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, a Trustee of the Mayo Clinic, a member of the Innovations in Medicine Leadership Council of UT Southwestern Medical Center, a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a member and past Chairman of the National Petroleum Council. Mr. Raymond serves on an advisory panel to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

  • I like watching football levitra genericos mexico “Iraq is bleeding from random violence, which sadly reached record heights during the Holy month of Ramadan,” added Busztin, referring to the dawn-to-dusk fasting Islamic holy month. He called for immediate and decisive action to stop the “senseless bloodshed.”

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  • I like it a lot donde comprar ginseng barcelona Several lawsuits between Aereo and television providers are playing out across the country, including in federal courts in New York, Massachusetts and Utah. The Supreme Court appeal stems from the New York litigation.

  • Can I call you back? discount levitra pills “Yeah, it’s big,” Scott said. “I’ve really been trying hard not to get frustrated when it has not happened when I’ve been in contention. So this definitely means a lot. To have multiple wins on the PGA Tour is a pretty good accomplishment, I think. I’m trying to jump off that springboard and win more regularly.”

  • I came here to work isotretinoin capsules uses We’re sorry, the file you were looking for could not be found. It may have moved to a new location. Please use the navigation below to help you locate the file. Or use the form to the right to email us for help.

  • I’ve got a full-time job trugest cost In Twitter’s initial public offering prospectus, which was made public last week, there was only an oblique mention of protecting speech. The company said its corporate mission was to facilitate the dissemination of “ideas and information instantly without barriers,” and that “our business and revenue will always follow that mission in ways that improve – and do not detract from – a free and global conversation.”

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  • I’m sorry, he’s does walmart sell viswiss LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas has become the first state to win federal approval to use Medicaid funds to purchase private insurance for thousands of low-income residents under the federal health care law.

  • I can’t hear you very well cipralex emergency orders Crowdfunding was first developed in the United States beforespreading to Europe. In Italy it counts more than 20 platformsfrom social lending sites to equity-based ones likeWeAreStarting and SiamoSoci.

  • When do you want me to start? clomipramine (anafranil) panic ocd depression And of course they have a goaltender who is showing them he can help get them where they want to go. Varlamov right now is a goalie playing with a lot of confidence, getting square to the shooters, staying quiet in the crease. His rebound control has been excellent, his movement side to side in the crease befitting of the same adjective.

  • I’ll put him on saw palmetto tea benefits The two young people who died at the Electric Zoo music fest — recent Syracuse University grad Jeffrey Russ, 23, and University of New Hampshire student Olivia Rotondo, 20 — may have also ingested the salts, though toxicology results are pending, sources told The Post.

  • Looking for a job generic cozaar teva WITH OBAMA IN AFRICA — Many analysts viewed President Barack Obama’s recent Africa trip through the jaded lens of China-US competition. Reacting to President Obama’s $7 billion Power Africa initiative, one observer noted that it “may look low-wattage compared with China’s already ongoing big electricity projects on the world’s least-developed — and least lit — continent.”

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  • Could you tell me the number for ? ashwagandha extract vs powder “We think he applied some hand brakes, but the question is, did he apply enough of them?” Burkhardt said. “He said he applied 11 hand brakes. We think that’s not true. Initially we believed him, but now we don’t.”

  • I stay at home and look after the children intrinsa patches uk That is why i missed Taylor, forgot to mention him. They could play Dime all night if the had to. Just don’t sit in the “zone”, that’s what got us beat. The Chargers have players that can play man, make the adjustment and let them do it. They forced a three-n-out in man by knocking passes away from johnson and hopkins.

  • I stay at home and look after the children priligy barato On Thursday, the Republican-controlled U.S. House ofRepresentatives debated several bills to revamp rules at theagency. Some were partisan measures not likely to go far, whileothers were bipartisan such as one stating explicitly a”taxpayer’s bill of rights.”

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  • I really like swimming how to buy fentanyl patches online It’s too late to fix this mess. Last week we suggested that rather than maintaining the status quo, Johnson should have been made host of the show. Among other things, this would have eliminated his role of “NBA Countdown” show killer. Now he is gone and has taken his star power with him. Wonder how outgoing commish David Stern feels about this?

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    “It is tough, it is really tough, when you are still trying to regather yourself, or compose yourself after what we have been through, and the vultures are already circling,” he told local broadcaster TV3.

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    Another ignorant statement by Charles Barkley.  Does fighting a man that is following you justify getting shot? And what’s the alternative? Should Travon Martin have walked or ran to this house and lead a stranger straight to his house where is younger brother was waiting.  Before Charles Barkley or anyone else speaks, they should imagine themselves in the same situation.  Would Charles Barkley have led a strange man to his house where his daughter and wife were waiting or would he have addressed that man and if needed as he said “beatin the hell out of him”?  And would winning a fight with a man that was stalking him justify Charles Barkley being shot and killed?  I think not! Ever all these years Charles Barkley is still an idiot.

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    heb rediclinic katy tx “I think every game you go into presents its own unique difficulties that you have to overcome,” he said. “And I think this week having two new starters on the offensive line replacing guys like Chris Snee and Baas is going to be a big challenge, but we’re up for it. I’m excited to get out there on Sunday and see what we’ve got.”
    bsn glutamine dna 309g According to a French parliamentary report, online booksales rose to 13.1 percent of total book sales in 2011 from 3.2percent in 2003. The country is still home to more bookstoresthan most countries with 2,000-2,500 in a country of 65 millionpeople, compared with 1,000 in Britain, which has roughly thesame-sized population.
    globalhealthnow.org But in neighborhoods outside the commercial core — and off the well-worn tourist track — a different Montreal emerges. Locals outnumber visitors. Boutiques and restaurants cater to neighbors. And up close, you get to savor the zesty flavor, eclectic spirit and delicious contradictions of North America’s most exhilaratingly schizophrenic city.
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    acheter prednisolone 20 mg In the time I’ve been here, all of the following have happened. Kevin Rudd ­ the prime minister, has posted a self-portrait of a shaving cut on Twitter. The papers have reported as news the fact that Mr Abbott once said “suppository” when he meant “repository”, as if this signifies anything beyond the odd difficulty one might have with five-syllable words when one has been talking all day on little sleep. Both Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott have recorded special messages for the participants in the current Australian series of “Big Brother”. None of which is even to speak of the motley riot of yahoos and grandstanders seeking election to the Senate from the fringes, several of whom make Julian Assange’s run from his camp bed in the Ecuadorian embassy in London look a model of plausibility.
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    forte fitness inc The lawmakers voiced support for the five-year-old Strategic and Economic Dialogue process between the world’s two biggest economies, but said China has been “woefully inadequate and incomplete” in implementing past agreements and called for more U.S. scrutiny.
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    aglaia-biomedical.com Many economists had expected the Federal Reserve to begin scaling back its massive monetary stimulus program last month. The chaos in Congress means it now probably won’t begin pulling back its bond purchases until next year.
    nuvoderm and cellogica reviews U.S. crude rose 25 cents to $103.33 and was headedfor a 7 percent gain in July. Prices hit a 16-month top earlierin July. Both benchmarks are set to post their best monthlyperformance since August 2012.
    midwest behavioral health.com The Chinese government has also made clear it’s well awareof Apple – though not always in a good way. In April, statemedia bashed Apple for its “arrogance,” protesting among otherthings that its current 1-year service warranty wasinsufficient. Apple initially dismissed those criticisms, butCook later apologized to Chinese consumers.
    uses of ashwagandha leaves The 31-year-old Australian actress — returning as Hannah McCoy, Dexter Morgan’s biggest passion besides, um, killing — has both the body and body of work to make her America’s sociopathic sweetheart.

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    is there a natural substitute for metformin Many of the old buildings in Qissa Khawani or the “storytellers’ market”  where today’s blast happened, were made from wood and these were quick to catch fire, said police. The market was the site of a massacre by British troops in 1930 when they fired on demonstrators.
    uc davis medical center folsom lab hours It’s not that Pettitte was conflicted when he retired in February of 2011. As he said on Friday, he loved being home and had no thoughts of a comeback until Brian Cashman called in December that year and asked if he’d consider playing again in 2012.
    le prix de periactin au maroc The Euro STOXX 50 shed 0.2 percent to 2,659.71points, albeit with closes above its 200-day moving average,currently at 2,636 points, for the past three sessions beinginterpreted by some technical analysts as a positive.
    amoxil 875 dosage “When push comes to shove, it’s vital that as elected and accountable lawmakers we re-assert our democratic authority over legislation and decisions that should be made in this country.”

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    comprar viagra generica en espaa The operation took about 40 minutes to bring the man back onto the street level. The man, who is believed to be 47 years old, was placed in a neck brace and taken by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital Center. Authorities said he suffered neck and back injuries. His condition was not immediately known.
    how to apply rogaine on face Today’s release introduces a bunch of new features: group albums, advanced editing, tools for organizing your mobile pics, and of course, filters. Photoshop Elements 12 is, in short, the perfect companion for the consumer-photographer who wants to up her game, from workflows to finished photos.
    czy zyrtec jest na recept They are freelance video producer Kieron Bryan and logistics co-ordinator Frank Hewetson – both from London; activist Anthony Perrett from Newport in Wales; communications officer Alexandra Harris, originally from Devon; activist Philip Ball from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire; and 2nd engineer Iain Rogers, from Exeter.

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    skilled nursing pharmacy cabot boulevard hayward ca It’s the same story at the IMF: “Japan needs more ambitious plans to bring down debt, plus structural reforms to shift the economy into higher gear,” IMF managing director Christine Lagarde said earlier this year.
    pharma7.fr Millions of Syrians have fled the country, mostly to neighbouring nations. However, on Saturday, Italy's coastguard said more than 500 people, mostly Syrians, had been rescued off the Italian coast in the past 24 hours.
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    docetaxel injection brands It proved as close as Mexico would come during a frantic final period. El Tri pushed and pushed, but it could not break the Panamanian resistance or prevent Juilo Dely Valdes’ side from booking its first trip to the final since 2005.

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    pe min kan wan canada Franklin was one of eight finalists for the award, a list that included Serena Williams, the top-ranked women’s tennis player in the world. Others nominated were golfer Inbee Park, pole vaulter Jenn Suhr, figure skater Mao Asada, snowboarder Kelly Clark, skier Tina Maze and Paralympic track star Tatyana McFadden.
    cialis 5 10 oder 20 mg Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” fell two spots to No. 3, while “Now 47” debuted at No. 2. Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” and the “Teen Beach Movie” soundtrack rounds up the top 5, respectively.
    steroid-on-line.com Of course, the cycle paths lend themselves to sauntering along in summer dresses in a way a death-defying, white-knuckle ride in rush-hour traffic does not. It is also partly because of this that people don't need showers at work to be able to commute by bike – it's a no-sweat experience.

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  • Could I ask who’s calling? viagra price in mumbai Enzi has a lifetime rating of 92.73 from the American Conservative Union, indicating a very conservative career track record. Whether he would seek re-election had been the topic of much speculation, especially given the fact that Cheney had been especially public in her exploration of a Senate bid. The 46-year-old Cheney moved her family from Virginia, in suburban Washington, D.C., to Wyoming last year. (Vice President Cheney previously represented Wyoming in Congress.)

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    clindamycin oral suspension formulation They have argued that the scheme is not only too expensive but will not deliver the economic benefits claimed by the Government, including “rebalancing the economy” by creating jobs in the regions.
    harga xalatan Now, standing under the Brandenburg Gate under a light drizzle in front of several hundred supporters — mostly men with gray beards and spectacles — the economics professor said his party looks set to win at least 5 percent of the popular vote, the amount needed to qualify for seats in parliament when the country votes on Sunday.
    viagra zamowienie sms Caterpillar Inc was the biggest drag on the Dow,falling 1.6 percent to $82.14. The stock slid for the secondday, extending a selloff that began on Wednesday after theworld’s largest maker of mining and construction equipment cutits 2013 earnings forecast.
    nerve growth factor price The strike added to disruption in an already turbulent yearfor Colombia’s coal sector, with a month-long strike at itsbiggest miner Cerrejon in February and logistics problems thathad affected rail transport and the loading of ships.

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    wellpharma medical solutions llc careers Last April, the event collected over 19,500 pounds of unwanted or expired medications. This completely confidential program will allow adult family members to visit any listed location, where law enforcement officers will collect and hold all medications.   
    roger professional pharmacy One big suggestion gaining traction is the notion of the invisible interface. The idea is that the best design will make all technology move so far into the background that it's not even noticed and just works without even being thought about.
    testosterole maximum libido complex * The United States government sputtered back to lifeThursday after President Obama and Congress ended a 16-dayshutdown, reopening tourist spots and clearing the way forfederal agencies to deliver services and welcome back hundredsof thousands of furloughed workers. ()

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    necesito receta para comprar viagra en chile He added that Rowling’s feat was “the best act of literary deception since Stephen King was outed as Richard Bachman back in the 1980s.” King said he wrote disguised as Bachman so that he could publish more books each year.
    lindburg pharmacy pittsburg kansas Probably not, says Tom Doctoroff, CEO of J Walter Thompson's Asia Pacific operations. He believes most Chinese consumers do not have an image in their heads of what is specifically British about most companies hailing from the UK.
    best online pharmacy for canada Saipem appointed a corporate law veteran to its board onTuesday as the Italian oil service group seeks to draw a lineunder profit warnings and a corruption probe that have wiped outhalf its market worth.